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    Exception JBO-26061 (JDBC connection Error) not being handled by SRDemo


      I am testing the behavior of ADF BC / ADF Faces application when the database connection is not available. For that I stopped the OracleXETNSListener service.

      I thought that the SRDemo handled correctly that situation . However the exception text directly appears in the browser as 500 Internal Server Error:

      JBO-30003: The application pool (oracle.srdemo.model.SRServiceLocal) failed to checkout an application module due to the following exception:oracle.jbo.JboException: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.DMLException, msg=JBO-26061: Error while opening JDBC connection.     at oracle.jbo.common.ampool.ApplicationPoolImpl.doCheckout(ApplicationPoolImpl.java:2002)     at oracle.jbo.common.ampool.ApplicationPoolImpl.useApplicationModule(ApplicationPoolImpl.java:2793)     at oracle.jbo.common.ampool.SessionCookieImpl.useApplicationModule(SessionCookieImpl.java:453)

      How can I capture this kind of exception ?

      I thought that was done by the code included in the reportErrors(PageLifecycleContext) method of the SRDemoPageLifecycle class as described in the section "20.8.1 How to Change Exception Handling" of the ADF Developer's Guide, but I was wrong.

      I am using the latest stable version of Jdeveloper (