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    OFSA 4.5 Installation

      hi all,
      Im new to oracle financial, kindly provide me the answers of my following questions:
      Q1: I have gone through the installation guide of OFSA 4.5 server centric, which says OFSA can only be install on Unix platforms AIX requires IBM hardware , Solaris 7 requires SPARC 32bit hardware whereas HP-UX requires HP Compaq machine, my question is , can we install OFSA server on x86 based platform whether it is Windows x86, Solaris x86 or Linux x86?? if yes then how??

      Q2: Similarly OFSA client may install on WIN NT 4.0 / 95/98 can the client install on Windows 32 bit OS like XP/2000 Advanced Server / 2003 enterprise server??

      Q3: Can i only install OFDM (Oracle Financial Data Manager) financial model instead of installing whole application?

      Kindly post your feedback asap.

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          No the server MUST be installed on one of the certified platforms to work. The request queue will not function in Windows.

          OFSA client can run on Windows NT, XP, 2000 etc.

          Yes you can install OFDM only but I always just install the whole thing then used whatever I'm licensed for. On the client side there's no problem installing ONLY one or two modules (like FDM Admin)..
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            Please advise where we can download the Media for OFSA suite of products including documentation. I searched the Download section, but dont see any material related to OFSA...

            Kind Regards
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              You could try the Oracle E-Delivery site (edelivery@oracle.com) if you hacve a login. You can download the app cds from there.
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                I have OFSA installed on Linux and i started the RQ (request queue) on the linux server.

                when trying to run a transformation ID from the windows client, it doesn't point to the Linux server.

                is there any connection between them to use the sever RQ.

                all other components are working from the windows client.

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                  Kindly share the steps of OFSA installation and integration with Oracle application.
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                    We are using GL in Oracle Application 12 . Now we want to install OFSA on GL. In my studies i m understand little bit. for example we work on separate machine.

                    1.Install Linux 32 bit (4.6).
                    2.Install Oracle database 10.2 with patch Set 3 (
                    3.Install OFSA.
                    4.Integration OFSA with Oracle Application.

                    I will be done 1 and 2 successfully but i have problem in 3 and 4 steps.

                    Kindly help in above steps.


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                      OK - now I am trying to do this as well. My agenda is to learn a bit documentation first (at least installation requirements) then do the installation itself.

                      Up to now I have found, that Financial Services Applications sits under the E-business suite directory in the edelivery. Problem is that for Windows there is only part of OFSA media, full OFSA is for some enterprise scales servers like HP or Solaris SPARC only (even not for Linux). I am investigating whether it is possible to use OFSA on some virutal machince that runs on the Winodws host operating system. Up to now I have found that there is no support in VMWare products for this, but there is transitive.com (now - part of IBM), that was capable of this kind of virtualization and people in the forums are saying that it was not so expansive. Unfortunately - their representatives said to me that IBM has acquired transitive and discontinued their QuickTransit product line. I have not managed to find the relevant virtualization product from IBM either. There is quemu emulator, but people are saying that it is not capable to emulate sparc environment.

                      Well - but in the media pack A89131-01 (server installation, it sits in edelivery under media for Sun sparc) there is directory with name 'linux-intel' it sound as it sounds - very promising, maybe it is worth to try it.

                      Another question - it seems to me that OSFA 4.5 is very old - certified for Oracle 8 database - so - is it possible to run it under Oracle 10 or 11 and the newest Application server?
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                        OFSA 4.5.39 is certified on 10g R2 (though with some limitations). You can run the db side on a windows server but the RQ will not run. It will run on RHEL 4.0+ Linux (installation is similar to AIX).
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                          I checked again in edelivery - I have been able to find onlty OFSA 4.5.20 and I guess this is really far from 4.5.39. There is some iFlex applications but special password is required for them, maybe OFSA 4.5.39 sits inside them.
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                            The upgrade to 4.5.39 is a patch. If you have a metalink login go in there and lookup patches for OFDM. You'll see the 4.5.39 patch in there. You have to download the whole thing (client and server) so it's a sizable download. It is a cumulative patch so it will upgrade from 4.5.2 right up to 4.5.39. The 4.5.2 client won;t work against the new db layer so you have to re-install the client side as well.
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                              I see that there are a lot of scripts under the directory 'A89131-01\server\linux-intel\4.5.20-143.231-linux-intel.tar\4.5.20-143.231-linux-intel\dbs\452000001' - I guess - they are scripts that are applied to database instance during the installation process. So - it would be nice to avoid the full installation (which can fail) and to prepare the database only - but what it the correct order of those scripts? Can this be read from the other files in installation package? Thanks!
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                                can you please tell me if OFSA client can run on Windows 7.

                                Thanks you
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                                  According to Oracle support, you cannot install OFSA 4.5 on the Windows 7 operating system. However you can use Remote Desktop from Windows 7 machine.


                                  Hasan Mir
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