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        Hi Rama Krishna,

        It a very good explanation about TCA.

        We are doing customer conversion and loading the customers as 'Person'. Is it possible to create the same party(person) as the contact of himself .

        I am able to load data according to above scenario using custom script and 'Customer Interface' but when we tried create the contact as same person using forms it errors and doesnt let us save the data. Its strange some times it lets us create the contact even from forms...its not stable?
        Do you have any thoughts on this?

        Main concern is can we create same person ('SAM PETER') as the contact at the customer level ('SAM PETER')..is this allowable?

        Thanks in advance!
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          When i create a person party and try to create and save a contact as same person i get an error

          APP-AR-96282 Error:Subjectid and Object id cant refer to same party id.

          But some times I save and close the form and open and try again it allows to create the contact ..as it creates a new party as the same person for contact?

          Is this aloowable to make the same person as contact to himself or some issue...with form

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            Well. You cannot create same person as contact to himself. Logically, it doesn't add any value, unless you have any custom business requirement. The system doesn't allow it because, the self relationship cannot be created and it turn contact cannot be created.

            The only case it would allow is, by creating a new person party with the same name. But actually they are 2 different parties. Now you can create relationship as well as contact.
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              Thanks alot!

              Basically if there is business requirement then we can create same person as contact and Oracle creates a new party for the same name as contact.

              It creates a whole new party for the contact information. (additional record in tables). But if business requirement needs it then it can be created ...right?

              Can we deifne any Relation ship type as 'Self' which will avoid this extra record...any thoughts

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                Yes. It creates new party with additional records in HZ_PARTIES. Creating custom relationship type doesn't avoid extra party records.

                For creating contact, a relationship is mandatory. If you want to create custom relationship, you can do that. In this case, you have select SUBJECT PARTY TYPE as PERSON and OBJECT PARTY TYPE as PERSON.
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                  You don't have to create a new relationship type. There is already a "CONTACT" relationship for create contact between person parties. You can just use that.

                  SELECT * FROM hz_relationship_types
                  WHERE relationship_type LIKE 'CONTACT%'
                  AND subject_type = 'PERSON'
                  AND object_type = 'PERSON';
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                    There are been some changes to the TCA for Release 12 with regards to suppliers/vendors. Any idea as to how suppliers are handled in TCA. Like, any important things to consider during the supplier conversion.
                    • 22. Re: About TCA architecture

                      Suppliers/Vendors are tried as parties in TCA. The party could be of type 'ORGANIZATION' or 'PERSON'. I believe, there is no change to this in Release 12.
                      If you are looking for any specific context please let me know.

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                        Hi Everyone,

                        I have a question. What is the "Identifying Address" used for? Do other modules use the Identifying Address for address defaulting (e.g. Service)?

                        I know that you can only have 1 identifying address per party, but then why do you set that at the account level? Why isn't this set at the party site level?

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                          Thanks for the help!

                          Is it possible to update a customer first or last name ?

                          When I try to update the Customer first name I find it is creating a new Party record and Customer record.

                          eg : party name : Mary Luis --party 
                          Mary Luis --customer
                          but when I try to update the last name to Luis- Norman i find following records
                          Mary Luis -Norman -party
                          Mary Luis -Norman -party
                          Mary Luis-Norman --customer
                          Mary Luis -Norman -customer

                          1. Is Customer name (first/last) updatable?
                          2. Is the creation of the additional customer record a standard orcale functionality or am I doing something wrong?

                          Please advice?
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                            I'm not sure how you are doing this.

                            But for me, it is not creating any duplicate records. I can update the party first/last name from the customers online screen and also from AR customer standard form. After updating I checked the main tables HZ_PARTIES, HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS (if there is account for the person and HZ_PERSON_PROFILES. I don't see duplicate records created.

                            BTW, why you mentioned party/customer in different rows? You mean, customer referring to customer account?
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                              When i try to query a customer to find a match in the customer form,ARXCUDCI before updating the name it shows the 3 rows(party,customer and party- relationship ,3 rows with same name). If I update the address it shows 3 rows correctly.

                              But if i have updated the name it shows 5 records(2- party rows,2-customer accounts rows,1-Party -relation old party) in the form to select.
                              HZ_PARTIES and HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS tables have only 1 record for the party. But HZ_PERSON_PROFILES have 2 records the old and the new with the new record updated with the effective_end_date.

                              P.S: Originally Party Relationship is created with the same name as actual party name(business req).

                              Steps Iam using to update the customer account record:
                              1. Navigate to the AR Customer Standard form
                              2. query fpr the cusomer name
                              3. Open the customer account for the given party name
                              4. Change the last or farist name field in the form
                              5. Save
                              6. Repeat steps 1 ,2 and now it shows 5 rows (2- Party records,2-Cust account records,1 party(relation))

                              When queried from the tables it shpws only 1 record for the customer.

                              Ex: standard form when queried for Test%
                              Test 1 -- party (person)
                              Test 1 --customer account
                              Test 1 -- party (party -relationship)

                              after updating name
                              Test 12 -- Party
                              Test 12 --Party
                              Test 12 -- Customer Acct
                              Test 12 --Customer Acct
                              Test 1 - Party (party-relationship)

                              Iam unable to figure out why the table has correct information but not the form.

                              If any one has any thoughts on this I will appreciate their help.(I can email the screen shots if required)

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                                Found another thing ...

                                When I create a new party of type 'Person' and update the name,prefix on the same day it doesnt show the duplicate records on the form (ARXCUDCI)

                                But when updated the name later, like next day or some other day it shows the duplicate records in the form(ARXCUDCI) but not in HZ_PARTIES,HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS tables but
                                HZ_PERSON_PROFILES as I mentioned earlier has 2 records the old and updated record with the old record end dated.

                                Which table or view does the form ARXCUDCI refers too?
                                Did any one encounter the similar problem before?

                                Please let me know.

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                                  HI Ram,

                                  I am an newbee on TCA, i have a couple of questions and i hope u answer them, thanks in advance.

                                  I want to set a relationship "Customer of" between (org and org) and (person and org)

                                  Cisco systems is a customer of Oracle Corp

                                  Jack is a customer of Oracle Corp

                                  Please guide if there is/are any seeded relationship type for this, if yes please specify if not guide me to the next best step

                                  Thanks in Advance

                                  • 29. Party in TCA
                                    Hi, i m trying to implement the following type of relationship, but need guidance, following is the scenario

                                    Company A sells the product to five different companies(_B1,B2,B3,B4,B5_). And Company C is payin for the product for all the fiVe different companies (_B1,B2,B3,B4,B5_). Company A doesnt care about the relationship Party C has with Party(_B1,B2,B3,B4,B5_). It just want to make sure that it gets paids for the product it sold to the (_B1,B2,B3,B4,B5_).
                                    So what kind of relationship i setup between all the three parties.

                                    Thanks in Advance