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      Anyone know where to download the DBI Module for Perl?

      I went to the Perl website and all i get is this 0.5MB zip file that has nothing in it to extract.

      I need this to write some Perl scripts to hit some of mt Oracle Databases.
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            That is the same file I have downloaded 5 times now but each time i double click on it to install it, i get an error saying that the file is empty.

            How do I install DBI once I have downloaded the file called DBI-1.58.tar.tar from the website below?
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              ) Is the name of the file you download DBI-1.58.tar.gz?

              2) When you "double click" what application gets called to open/extract the .gz file?

              In my windows environment, I use winzip. It recognizes the .gz extension and first asks if you want to decompress the one file to a temporary file. then it presents the typical winzip container view. from there you can select the location to unzip the .tar file. If you aren't seeing this sequence, it may be that your unzip utility cannot handle .gz extensions. What is your unzip utility and version?

              3) Installation is described in the README
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                Unix instructions are different, if you need them
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                  If you are on Windows
                  use PPM to install perl modules
                  on Unix
                  use cpan to install any modules..

                  This will automaticaly download the package and install for you, if you configure it well and online to net while install..

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                    Check this link:

                    perl -MCPAN -e 'install DBD::Oracle'

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                      Ivan Kartik
                      on Unix
                      use cpan to install any modules..
                      In case your server doesn't have access to internet then here is manual way.
                      Download DBI from CPAN mirror and copy it to the server. Download location:
                      tar xvzf DBI-1.58.tar.gz
                      cd DBI-1.58
                      perl Makefile.pl
                      su -
                      make install
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                        I'm trying to install this DBI module on my Windows XP workstation.

                        I have WINZIP 10 installed.

                        THe name of the file that I downloaded is called DBI-1.58.tar.tar

                        When I double click on the file winzip launches and gives me an error of,
                        "Error reading header after processing 0 entries"

                        I have Active Perl 5.8.8 Installed. I also have the PPM Installed as well.

                        The file doesn't have a gz extension.
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                          change the file name from


                          Shud work now