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    AL32UTF8 and WE8MSWIN1252

      Hi all,

      I am setting up a database server for an application that support multiple languages; i.e text can be inserted and read in languages other than English. I have been adviced that -
      - I can use AL32UTF8 on my server for all types of languages; English/ non-English installation of Oracle.
      - I can use WE8MSWIN1252 only if I am using Western European characters and/or planning to use Japanese on an English installation of Oracle.

      Is this correct? I dont understand why would the be characterset be affected by the language of oracle install you do?
      What is the difference between AL32UTF8 and WE8MSWIN1252; and which one should be used when? As far as I understand from various guides, they both are unicode characters - so surely shouldnt matter - isnt it?
      What could be the implications of using each ones in future?
      Or if I was installing a non-English oracle server, I should always be using AL32UTF8?

      Appreciate your inputs!

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