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      I am trying to modify view document for Purchase order. It is in Purchase order summary/inquire/view document. Then i encountered this PO_VIEW_DOCUMENT in special trigger of POXPOVPO form. It is in fnd_function.execute( function_name => 'PO_VIEW_DOCUMENT', . and few parameters. i am not finding this in concurrent requests or anywhere .
      Can anybody guide me from here.
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          If you have XML publisher on your instance, then the pdf document generated by PO Summary->Inquire-View Document is generated by XML publisher. The PO pdf is generated based on the formating instructions provided in an xml (stored as xsl and the tags used are xsl and fo). Check the templates in XML Publisher administrator responsibility. This can be one way of modifying the report, but you might have to do some reading for modifying the xml.

          Nitin Darji
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            Thanks a lot i will look into that .. .