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    Sharing the Ebusiness application file system on SAN storage

      Dear Gurus,

      Good day.

      I want to install a multi-node system on 2 servers. The O.S. will be RED HAT 4 update 4. Now i have SAN storage and i want to create into it a shared area for the apps system to implement the SHARED APPLICATION TIER option.

      What is the best file system FORMAT to choose?
      Can i use OCFS2 ?
      Can i share the application file system on the OCFS2 format without any problems with READ/WRITE operations on same files ?

      What is the best practise ?

      Please note that i'm not talking about RAC here.. i only have 2 servers ( SERVER WITH DB, ADMIN AND CONCURRENT and the other will be for FORMS AND WEB )
      I just want to get benefit of the SHARED APPLIATION TIER FILE SYSTEM option.

      Please advise,