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    Disabling email requests to install Oracle Messenger

      Does anyone know how to disable the email requests automatically sent for RTC when a user invites other users to install Oracle Messenger?

      Subject "username@company.com has been asked to sign in to RTC Messenger"

      "The person you added to your contact list has never used RTC Messenger. An email has been sent to this contact, requesting them to install RTC Messenger and sign in."

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          Please review Oracle Note 388721.1 " How To Stop Email Reminders From Invalid Contacts"

          The note lists parameters to limit how often the messages are sent, limit the number of notification sent, or how to disable these notifica
          tions entirely.

          All of the listed paramaters, MailReminderDelay, MaxNoOf EmailNotification, MailRetryCount and registrationpropagationenabled are set or reset
          using the "rtcctl" command.

          To execute this command and reset the parameters, open a session on the OCS applications tier where RTC is running, CD to the$ORA
          CLE_HOME/imeeting/bin directory and execute "rtcctl". This command will open a
          new prompt, RTCCTL>

          An example command to reset the registrationpropigationenabled from the default value of true to false is listed at the end of the note.
          To reset the values for MailReminderDelay, MaxNoOf EmailNotification and MailRet
          ryCount, simply replace registrationpropigationenabled in the command example wi
          th the appropriate parameter name (-pname) and specify the new value (-pvalue) d

          Please note that you will need to bouce oc4j_imeeting for changes to take.

          Thanks, Tracey