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    How to Migrate a Report from one instance to another(ex:Test to Production)

      Dear Members,

      Thanks all for giving me valuable suggestions regarding the various questions that i have been asking regarding migration from 3i to 10g.

      I had one question in mind, How do we migrate Discoverer reports from one instance to another instance. Like for Oracle reports we just move the rdf file with its associated concurrenct program for example from Test to Production.

      Similarly suppose i created a Discoverer Report in Plus and saved it on the database. I have been going through most of the posts in this forums and by that i can say it is saved in a table EUL4_DOCUMENTS (Since we are presently using 4i). This is saved as BLOB in the column DOC_DOCUMENT.

      So we do not have a external file, rather it gets stored in a table. So my question is how do we proceed if we want to move the report from Test to Production ??

      It would be great if any one of you explains me the process in detail. Please note that we are still using 4i version of discoverer.

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