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    RC-50204: Error: - Database Port in use: Port Value = 1571

      ## While running DB Tier clone:
      Error: taken form log file created today. The log created during yesterday’s fail cloning process is in conflict (marked in red).
      Question: How do I free up the port that was occupied yesterday’s cloning process?

      Do you want to preserve the port values from the source system on the target system (y/n) [y] ?:n

      Clone Context uses the same port pool mechanism as the Rapid Install
      Once you choose a port pool, Clone Context will validate the port availability.

      Enter the port pool number [0-99]:

      Checking the port pool 50
      RC-50221: Warning: Port Pool 50 is not free. Please check logfile CloneContext_08220945.log for conflicts.

      Enter the port pool number [0-99]: