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    InterConnect convert to ESB information

      Can anyone point me to some technical documentation (the url if possiible) re: Oracle ESB other than the little 2 page marketing blurb off the integration site? We are currently using InterConnect to pass EDI transactions to/from the business/business partners. We are considering migrating it to another technology due to the fact that it is a "static legacy" technology per Oracle's support of it. We use the AQ, FTP and DB adapters. I'm interested learning about ESB in general and also specifically how ESB replaces or handles the DB adapter. The InterConnect DB adapter creates a hierarchy of object types to "house" XML data, then custom PL/SQL must be written to traverse through those objects and extract the data. I've been working with PL/SQL and OO technoloogy for 12 years, so not a problem for me, but I would think there would be a better way for the "point and click" crowd to directly map the XML data to database tables rather than using the PL/SQL approach. Thanks!