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    OO4O on 64bit Windows 2003 Server

      Is it possible to install OO4O on 64bit Windows 2003 Server SP1?
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          anyone have an answer to this question?
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            I am also stuck on this. I have a application which is developed using Oracle Objects for Ole for 32 bit windows. Now I wish to port it on 64 bit windows. However I am not getting any information about whether 64 bit version of OO4O is available or not. If I don't get it, then I will have to change complete code and use ODBC.
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              according to this part of the documentation:
              [11g Release 1 (11.1) for Microsoft Windows - 1 Oracle Database Architecture on Windows|http://database.in2p3.fr/doc/oracle/Oracle_Database_11_Release_1_(11.1)_Documentation/win.111/b32010/architec.htm]

              Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O) is not supported on Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1) for 64-bit Windows.

              and I recall finding something similar for 10g R2 which is really annoying because I'd thought they'd have included OO4O by now.
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                We have an application that uses OO4O and I am also trying to create a new workstation image using Vista 64-bit and have found roadblocks. The setup instructions for the application have one install the Oracle 9i client, of which is not compatible with Vista or 64-bit OSes. So I decided to try the 10g client for Vista and 2008 64-bit. Got it installed, but when I try to install the application, it tells me it needs Oracle Objects for OLE. After much research, it seems that there is no version of OO4O that will work with 64-bit Vista. Is that true? If so, is Oracle working on OO4O for Windows 64-bit OSes or have they given up permanently? And finally, is there any non-supported workaround to get OO4O to install and run on 64-bit Vista?

                Thanks in advance.
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                  gdarling - oracle

                  As far as I know, there are no plans to port OO4O to 64 bit; the recommended migration path is ODP.NET.

                  The only suggestion I'd have is to install 32 bit oo4o, and run the application in 32 bit mode.

                  Hope it helps, but I realize it probably doesn't.