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    Problems unzipping downloads


      I have recently started to have problems with downloads from OTN. Namely windows zip archives for Metadata Repository Creation Assistant (10.1.4), WebCenter, and others.

      The downloads appear to go fine, but when unzipping using WinZip, I get the following error:

      Error: invalid compressed data to inflate

      For example, when unzipping WebCenter

      Extracting display.1.1.jar
      Extracting display.2.1.jar
      Extracting display.3.1.jar
      Extracting display.4.1.jar
      Error: invalid compressed data to inflate

      Any ideas???

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          Hi chriseb,

          Can you try using the utility on the same zip archives which were unzipping fine earlier? If the problem persists there, then I suggest that the issue is with unzip utility. In that case, you may resolve this by freshly installing the utility.

          In the other case, if the problem does not appear there, then suggest you to confirm that the issue is with only one zip archive (or with archives having some simillar type of compressed data to inflate) that you referred to. You will need to test these aspects more to confirm this. From there on, you may find more members here who could help.

          Well, as ordinary member in this forum, I only have this much ideas. Hope this helps a bit, and you are able to inch forward.