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    Oracle Integration with PACS

      We are running an application in Oracle 10g database, and the requirements are:
      this database should communicate with the PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) in HL7 format, This communication includes sending and receiving HL7 messages in timely fashion and based on events between the oracle database and the SQL Server (PACS), the coversion of the data from oracle database to HL7 format and parsing back on recieving from the SQL Server.

      can Oracle interConnect be used for this purpose, and if so how

      Any suggestion will be appreciated
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          I think it can be achieved using InterConnect but this would require significant work by hand and the use of some propriatory stuff like D3L ( to convert HL7 --> XML and v.v. ). InterConnect has been put into maintenance mode as you might now.

          I would suggest that you look at Oracle ESB. ( Enterprise Service Bus ). ESB is better suited in my opinion for your integration requirements.
          ESB can read andwrite non-XML files with ease and convert them to XML internally for further processing.