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    PO Requisition Approval workFlow

      Hello All

      I am working on PO Requisition Approval work flow , when we crate a requisition one workflow is generated and my user want the workflow notification should be modified , like we have in the table few columns supplier ,itmes and wareshouse details , user want near supplier column , two another columns , so how should i do this , were should i change the code wether in the workflow or the standard package .

      I am working on PO Requisition workflow , my problem is when Requisition is raised ...'PO Requisition Approval' work flow is generated and in that workflow we have details printed in the table , now i want to add few coulmns to the table . So i have modified the package PO_WF_REQ_NOTIFICATION.get_req_lines_details_link procedure , but the i am not able to see the affect in the work flow after comiling the package ...

      can any one suggest me how to go head and cross check the changes .....