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    API to change PO Authorization_Status

      Hi All

      Please let me know if there is an API to change the Authorization_Status of a PO. We do not want to use the update statement i.e.
      Update apps.PO_HEADERS_ALL Set wf_item_type=NULL,wf_item_key=NULL,Authorization_Status = 'INCOMPLETE' Where apps.PO_HEADERS_ALL.Segment1 = P_PONUM;

      We would like to use an API instead as a part of our customization.

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          As far as I know, there is only one API available for PO update which updates only three fields on PO Line(promise date, price and quantity) so that is of no help to you. But my curiosity is why would you want to update the authorization status and remove the references to the Workflow? If there is a business requirement, there could be some other way of achieving it.

          Nitin S Darji
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            I'm actually running into this now. The business scenario is that we foolishly restricted the use of 'Finally Closed' on PO's (so we have this massive backlog of 'Approved, Closed' PO's. Well the workflow is throwing tons of errors because it never sees it as being closed. I need to call the API's to mass change all of our POs for a certain date. I'm not seeing an API for this, any idea how to accomplish?

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              Which date you want to change in the PO? If this is promise_date or need_by_date, then this can be achieved by PO update API. Using this you can able to reapprove the PO too. But there is no way to change the authorization_status directly in PO.

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                Have you given a thought to Purchasing Open Interface, Import Standrad Purchase Order concurrent program. It has the feature of letting you update an existing PO.

                I remember there is a API available in package PO_CHANGE_API1_S.update_po which updates PO and takes care of validating the change

                Hope this helps.