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    Question on PO conversion

      I have a question on PO conversions. What is best way to convert Open Blanket purchase agreements which have some releases.

      For example

      Blanket agreement of $1000
      R1,R2,R3 combined $300

      Amount remaining on BPA $700

      At this point if we start our conversion process what is the standard way to bring this BPA?

      Please advice.

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          One of the option for you would be to use Purchase Order Import Open Interface to create Blanket first for 1000, and then open releases that would refer to the newly created blanket.

          But there are many limitations to the open Interface program which you might have to consider and also. You will get the details of the limitations in the Purchasing user guide for your version of applications.

          Also there would be a range of possible scenarios you would have to test (like all open releases, some closed releases etc.) and check whether this approach is applicable to all of them or not.

          Hope this helps.

          Nitin S Darji