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    purchasing hierarchy

      Hello ,

      again i have a couple of questions about purchasing position hierarchy please.

      one: how can i force the purchasing buyer to enter purchase orders that are above a specific amount all the time,; say that all purchase orders must be equal or more to 100$?Give me details please..

      two: can i skip a level in the middle of the approval hierarchy levels for purchase orders that are in the amount range say 100$ to 200 $? if possible how can i do it? please provide me with details..

      i need to solve this matter urgently..

      Please help me.
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          one: Should be an easy Forms Personalization, validation on purchase order amount is >= 100.
          two: You don't say whether you are using Employee/Supervisor or Position Hierarchy for approvals, either way you'd probably need to customize the PO Approval Workflow (POAPPRV), specifically the "Find Approver" function.
          In relation to "skip" the Oracle standard PO Approval Workflow requires an approve/reject/forward response irrespective of the amount, the PO will only be approved if the person approving has the required approval authority, this implies approvals are not just for the $$ approval but also like an "okay, allow this PO". Just something to keep in mind.

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            I'm not quite good in Forms Personalization.
            isn't there any workarounds through hierarchy structure and approval assignments?
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              Skipping a level in the approval hierarchy is not standard functionality. The only other thing I can think of would be a user training exercise to Forward the PO to the appropriate manager based on the PO amount at the time they submit the PO for Approval.
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                can i exclude an amount in the document total for the position that i need to skip?
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                  If you are referring to the Approval Groups document total, then excluding an amount doesn't skip the position, it just means that the manager doesn't have the authority to approve - they would still need to approve, then the PO goes up the chain to the next manager...

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                    Chandu Tadanki-Oracle
                    If you setup the "document type" as "forward method = direct", then it will skip ALL levels in hierarchy that do not have adequate approval authority (document total and account range, category etc) but directly reach the first person in the hierarchy who has adequate approval authority. Does that serve your purpose?
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                      Hi All,

                      Can anyone help me how do we setup the Employe-Supervisior Heirarchy...and what are the initial setups required for it..

                      Please respond ASAP... Its very urgent..

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                        Chandu Tadanki-Oracle

                        1) When you define the Employee in HR, you need to assign a Supervior (under Assignments). That forms the Employee-Supervisor hierarchy automatically. Also ensure to define Job flexfields in HR, and assign a Job to each Employee.

                        2) In PO module - Financial Options setup form - select that you are using Employee-Supervisor hierarchy for that Operating Unit. Also define Approval Groups (approval authority in terms of dollar value, account segments range, item category etc), and assign these groups to the Jobs.

                        These two setups should suffice for using Emp/Sup forwarding method for purchasing documents. System would derive an employee's approval limits based on his job and check if he can approve a given PO/Requisition (of course, the Document Types setup determines whether you allow the document owner can approve it). If he cannot, then it would look for his Supervisor and his approval limits. It goes on until it finds a suitable approver, or exhausts the entire hierarchy.

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