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    XML Publisher and Faxing?

      Although I would have thought that the use of fax for document distribution was on the decline it seems to have come up quite frequently lately.
      If you are planning on exploring the use of XMLP or are currently using it how important is the ability to automatically fax the output of a report?
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          In our business, a significant number (~30%) of our business partners ONLY communicate via telco (i.e. voice, fax); so we need the agility to communicate in the partners "best available method" (i.e. voice, fax, e-mail, XML, EDI), ideally with a dream of "seamless transposition" to fail-over methods as communication methods can and do fail. Right now, I would love just to have XML Publishing available in my 8.9 Citrix environment! While it adds to the business case for upward migration, it also acts as a boat anchor since we have invested a bunch of effort to make this work in JDE environments that do not support XML Publisher.