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    Naveen Gudala

      I am very new ti iProcurement and trying to understand the functionality of iProcurement.I have few doubts.

      1) why do we need iProcument?
      2) In what way it reduces the cost incurred in purchasing?

      could any one explain me with a case study like, before implementing the iprocurement how would the purchasing process goes,problems involved in it and cost incurred and the adantages after implementing iProcurement.

      Thanks in Advance,
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          Your question is very open ended. iProcurement basically was started to move Requisitioning and Receiving Functionality out of Core purchasing and provide a easy to use web based solution (self service app). More functionality has been added like catalog management, punchouts etc....but, you may want to read the datasheet and explore further to get your questions answered. Here's the link to datasheet.