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    Global differences in requirements

      As I head to Europe to visit with customers regarding their requirements for future capabilities, I am challenged with the thought "Are global requirements really global?" I do a good job of keeping up with customers in Europe and North America, but am curious if requirements of customers from other parts of the globe are different in priority or perhaps in scope.

      An example of this quandary is the use of Enterprise Mobility for Field Service. In EMEA, mobility has been a top priority for years while in North America although a requirement, mobility was not rolled out in numbers until recently. I would dare say that we are still operating at a >70% level of non-connected vs. 30% connected resources in NA while in EMEA the number is more the inverse (70% connected/30% not connected).

      What about the rest of the world? Are the requirements for Asia more in line with EMEA or NA or are they completely different? Are the requirements in Australia more like those in South America? I don't know.

      Give it some thought and post your comments. I an interested in seeing your ideas.