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    Business Rules Not Validating

      <p>Hi</p><p> I have a business rule that is not validating against thegiven database.</p><p>I have tried copying the calculations into a calc script andthey validated and executed successfully. Can someone tell me whyis the business rule not validating the calculations?</p>
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          This was occuring due to the location to be added not being added to the BR which is to be validated.<BR><BR>This kind of an error also occurs when a particular Br is not added to the correct project.
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            Hello,<BR>if you would give the error message then we might help you better. <BR><BR>The HBR are not at par with calc scripts. One thing that is different is that an nested IF statement should be on a sparse member block. In Calc scripts it does not matter which member from which dimension, in HBR it is important.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Philip Hulsebosch<BR><BR>www.Trexco.nl