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    Hyperion 9.3 Planning & Essbase

      We are currently upgrading from Hyperion 9.0 to 9.3. Previously in 9.0 I could add dimension members in Essbase directly without adding them in the associated planning application (i.e shared member rollups etc). When I refresh any dimension changes from planning to essbase in 9.0 the update would not affect any of these 'extra' members that were only in essbase. The problem I see with 9.3 is that refreshing essbase from the planning application wipes out any of the 'extra' members. In itself this is not a problem as I can ensure that the dimensionality in Planning mirrors the dimensionality in essbase, the issue is that the dynamic time series in the period dimension in essbase gets wiped-out by the database refresh from Planning and I can see no way in planning to establish a dynamic time series for the period dimension prior to refreshing essbase?<BR><BR>I am not sure if this is a configuration issue with how we installed 9.3 or if I just cant find where to select DTS in the planning ap?<BR><BR>any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>