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    Smart view issue

      I'm at a client they are having these issues with smartview<BR><BR>SmartView Issues Encountered<BR>1.     Pasting many cells of data into a web form all at once is extremely slow, taking anywhere from 1-18 minutes for a form with 100x20 cells. <BR>2.     The submit data button becomes unavailable when a form is opened and then the user disconnects and reconnects to the provider. This works occasionally but fails just as often. <BR>3.     Attempting to save a form that has two business rules attached to run on save -- one business rule connected to the same plan type as the form and the other business rule connected to a different plan type -- results in an error that the RTPs for the second rule cannot be found, and this rule does not execute. This configuration works in planning web. <BR>4.     Forms which include parent members in the Period dimension (such as Q1, Q2, YearTotal, etc.) are being displayed with these members writeable in some cases at intersections of parent level account members<BR>5.     Sometimes when using SmartView and planning forms, mouse-based navigation in Excel stops behaving normally. For example, clicking on the tabs to switch to a different worksheet fails, as does attempting to resize or move the many windows that may be open in the Excel application. <BR>6.     The following message appears sporadically when switching to a web form previously retrieved and saved in a file:<BR> <BR>