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    Hyperion Planning and Excel Add-in

      What level of access to I need to give users in PLanning in order to enable lock and send from the Excel add-in? Interactive user does not seem to work and I dont want to give administrator access?
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          I have not had much experience w/ this in v9 but I have, in the past had to create and set-up access for users in Essbase/Analytic Services to allow them to do this, using the filters created by Planning in Essbase. I cannot be sure as it has been quite some time but when this occurred before that the architecture of planning is engineered in such a way that user defined in planning does not automatically have the same privileges when directly querying or sending to Essbase. From my past investigation into this it almost looked like the planning user id was not global - only existed as a check point in the metadata to determine if they were allowed to use planning or read/write (as defined by a filter, if applicable) and, in actuality a single user id (if memory serves, the one that is created when Planning instance is installed) on the Essbase side actually performs the write action, accessing the filters associated with the user to enforce dim level security.
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            If you are using Hyperion System 9.2, try the following:<BR><BR>In order for a user to be both a Planning and Essbase user, it needs to be tagged with the “Essbase and Planning” user license type. If you provision a user to Planning first and then provision it to Essbase, it will not convert the user to use the “Essbase and Planning” user. In order to convert this user from Planning to “Essbase and Planning”, you can either go into the Shared Services User Management Console, drill down on Projects > Analytic Servers > Analytic Servers > click the Refresh button > highlight the user(s) that you would like to convert and click the “>” button and the click Next. On the next screen, check all of the boxes next to the user and highlight both Analytic and Planning types in the upper right side and click on the green check mark and then click Save. This will convert user from Planning to “Essbase and Planning” and will automatically update Essbase with this information.<BR><BR>With this, we have been able to allow Interactive users to lock and send data from the Excel add-in<BR>