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    automate dim build

      I am using MaxL and Rules file and I want to;<BR><BR>delete all members of a dim, then build it with current text file provided.<BR><BR>Are there MaxL commanda for deleting a DIM or can it be done from a rules file?<BR><BR>Jim
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          There is no direct MaxL command to delete a DIM, but you can remove all members of a dim thru a dim build rule and an empty file. Sometimes rather than removing them all it works better to append one dummy member while removing unspecified. If your dim is e.g. dyn calc it will complain if you try to save with no child but it's happy if there is 1 dummy child. Then your rebuild must remove unspecified, that will toast the dummy.
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            If I have 3 members at Gen1, is there a way to just remove and rebuild 2 of them?<BR><BR>Jim