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    License Hyperion

      I am using EAS but I have un problem with the license. I can't create a new block storage application. I have this message : "License does not allow this data storage type. Please refer to the Essabse Documentation for valid settings". (error 1051105)<BR>In the properties of the application server, tab "Licence", the module "Block Storage" doesn't appear. Is-it normal ? Have you ever had this message ?<BR>Thank you for your help.<BR><BR>Sandra
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          This has happened to me and I had to receive a new license from Hyperion. It was an error on their part. Even though you can't create, you should be able to do an application/database copy and then rename. That was my workaround until I got the new license.
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            Thank you for your help. Awaiting a neww license key, I use a temporary key.<BR><BR>Sandra