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    How to clone an application

      I'm a beginer in Essbase.<BR>We have two environments, one for production and another for development.<BR>I want to clone my application which have one database in production to development <BR>environment.<BR>How do I have to proceed ? I want to retrive all the information (data, outline, structure, etc...)<BR><BR>Thank you for your help.
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          <p>depending on what you are using either EAS or Applicationmanager, if you have EAS you can use the migration wizard and justfollow the steps, make sure to use advanced (not novice) if youwant to migrate the security settings. However, this migration willnot copy the data, so you need to export data and load it inDevelopment environment. I'm not sure if you can migrate anapplication cross servers with MaxL, but it's possible within thesame analytic server.<br>If not, you can just create an application in the dev. env. createa database under that app. stop the application and replace the newdatabase folder with a copy from the production database folder.Since you are working in dev env, any mistake won't create any bigtrouble.</p>