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    @Trend function in Business Rule

      I am trying to write a business rule that incorporates the @trend function but am having problems with trying to cross years. I want to use the data entered in jan to dec of fy08 to trend data for the same time periods for fy09. Below is how I built a calc script and it works fine but I want to create a business rule so I can use the department as an input variable.<BR><BR><BR>Calc Script<BR>fix (fy09,"d02-01",@CHILDREN (direct),activity_na,estimate)<BR> final(@TREND(fy08->jan: dec,,,,,jan: dec,SES); );<BR>endfix<BR><BR><BR>Business Rule<BR>fix (fy09,[var1],@CHILDREN (direct),activity_na,estimate)<BR> final(@TREND(fy08->jan: dec,,,,,jan: dec,SES); );<BR>endfix<BR><BR>I get an error regarding the use of the ":" in the "fy08->jan: dec" piece of the rule. Error message says something about expecting an "AND" or "OR" or "->"<BR><BR>Any ideas on how I could accomplish this trend in a business rule?