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    Essbase Error Msg

      <p>I'm testing a new cube that I'm building in an ASO model.  I've loaded a full years worth of data into the cube,and I can pull it at a very low level detail.  On retrievalat the highest aggregation level I get themessage "Sort operation ran out of memory.  Pleaseincrease the size of the aggregate storage cache."   Any ideas what may be causing this, or how it canbe fixed?</p><p> </p><p>Cube details:   Members in Dim  | MembersStored</p><p>Dimension 1:   109     |  29</p><p>Dimension 2:  33       |  28</p><p>Dimension 3:  11       |  10</p><p>Dimension 4:  4          |  4</p><p>Dimension 5:  5          |  4</p><p>Dimension 6:   2102   |  2052</p><p>Dimension 7:  1366    | 516</p><p> </p><p>Current Cache Size (KB): 32768<br></p>
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          <p>what is the error number ?</p><p> </p><p>Sandeep Reddy</p>
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            <p>The aggregate storage cache can be found under the applicationproperties of the ASO cube.  The default value is 32mb.</p><p>Check the DBAG for info on this setting and what is right foryour server specs.</p><p>I have not had any problems with a cache size of 128MB</p>