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    Invalid number in Data column error

      hi, given an outline with the dimensions Year, Periods (time), Cia, Zone, Products, Measures (acc), Scenarioi try to load data with a text file such as 2002 Ene Cuno Norte Tenis Costos Real 502002 Feb Cdos Sur Fijos Costos Real 10with a rule created stating in header all dimensions in the outline order plus a last data column.I obtain an error of Invalid number in data column, how can I resolve this??appreciated any help
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          I would start by ensuring that your first column with "2002" is actually text. When saving the text file this could have been tagged as a numeric column and this could cause the problem you are seeing.
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            I would start by opening the Load Rule, then opening the data file inside to Load Rule to ensure that the Rule reads the data the way I expect it to.Be aware that if the data file has fewer columns than the Load Rule, the remaining columns of the Rule will not show up in the Data Prep editor! Know how many columns the Rule expects before you open the data file.If no luck there, I would try a data load and force an error. The error log may give some clues as to which column the problems resides.Good Luck,Tim