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    Oracle9i Lite, Web-to-go installation issues

      installing the mobile servers works fine until the replication
      wizard is supposed to start (according to the documentation).
      However the replication wizard never starts. Probably due to a
      wrong command line in the repwizard.bat

      "\bin\java" oracle.lite.web.migrate.RepWizard d:\orant\8i

      Changing the line to

      java oracle.lite.web.migrate.RepWizard d:\orant\8i

      allows me to start the replication wizard (after installing the
      mobile server and the mdks) manually.

      The next problems occur when installing the Branch Office
      Database manually. At this point the documentation seems to be
      quite inaccurate and there seem to be some typos (e.g.
      Olite40.msg instead of Olite40.msb).
      The Installation Guide tells me to copy the polite.ini to the
      windows nt directory. However the file is already in the windows
      nt directory, and so on. But that is not the problem.

      The major problem i have here is starting the Branch Office
      Service. Installing the server works fine. However starting the
      service "olite service" does not work. on win2k the service
      stopps immediately without showing any message/reason. on xp
      i get a error message 126 module not found (which module ?).
      all dll's are in place as far as i can tell(checked that twice).

      Any help and comments are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.