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    UOM Changes and its Impact

      We want to change our UOM for a production part that has not launched yet (P1), from B5 to EA or B10. I would like to know how difficult (or possible) this will be? We have not launched the product yet, but we want to understand the ramifications of our actions before we move forward.

      Thanks in Advance,
      Satya Pappu
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          Hi Satya

          Are you trying to change the UOM for a item or change the UOM for the existing UOM code to a new UOM code?

          Are you coding the data in UOM database table or using a piece of code to convert the existing UOM code to new one or creating a UOM conversion setting?

          Well the impact will be on the items, transactions, entries already using the older UOM codes. So in effect you will need to tackle this UOM conversion issue on those levels.

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            If that is not transacted you can change..