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    Netscape LDAP to OpenLDAP Migration

      I'm begining the porject of upgraded Corporate TIme 5.4 to the latest standalone version of the Oracle Calendar.
      In the process I have to migrate data in our old netscape ldap server to an openldap server.
      Can anyone give me any pointers on how to do this successfully?

      Thank You
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          I have once migrated from Netscape to OID.
          This might work with OpenLDAP, too.

          I created a ldif file of the complete users tree and groups tree.
          Then using sed (on Unix) I get rid of the Netscape specific features and other things that I didn't need.

          Then I imported this into the OID. Only a few users were not imported - I migrated them by hand (meaning I recreated them).

          This happened on a 1700 users Netscape LDAP server.