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    Blanket Releases

      Hi Po gurus,
      I have a requirement of my client.

      when a Purchase requisition is raised based on my Min-Max Planning, after approval of requisition , Automatic releases to happenin the system if there is banket purchase Aggrement is exists for that item with supplier.

      how to achive this.and what are the setups needed.

      pl give me suggestions.

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          Dear Venkat,

          You can do this, using the Sourcing Rule and Approved Supplier List for that supplier.

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            Hi Venkat

            You can achieve this by doing the following:
            1. Creation of Source Document for that item (BPA etc)
            2. Creating Approved Supplier Lists for those Items also mentioning the document (BPA, CPA) to be referred for creating the release
            3. Creating Sourcing Rules for those Items
            4. Creating Sourcing Rule Assignment for that rule
            This will ensure the availability of document and automatic sourcing of that with the PR for that item.

            If you want automatic release and or automatic approvals for the same, do customizations to the PO workflows like PO Create documents etc to ensure the same.


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