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    PO Release API

      Hello All,

      I am looking for an API that inserts "Releases" against a Planned Purchase Order. Should I be using PO_RELEASES_PKG_S0?

      I was wondering whether this was the starting point or is there another package that calls this one. In the furture is there a technical document that serves as a technical reference to these APIs?

      Thanks for any help,
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          This is what I found out...

          Here is the note (DOC ID 371941.1 ) on Metalink regarding creating Planned PO through the Open Interface.
          If there is no functionality to create Planned PO through the Interface, then there wouldn’t be any functionality to create Releases via the Interface.
          That explains why we are unable to find any API.

          Importing planned purchase orders is not available via the standard functionality in the product.
          The current functionality in the application does not allow users to import planned purchase orders.
          An enhancement request is already logged for this issue (ER 3655611 PDOI AUTOMATIC LOADING OF
          PLANNED PURCHASE ORDERS). This ER is currently under review and considered by Development for a
          future release. It will remain open until it is either incorporated into the product, or it is deemed not feasible.
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            Any idea, on how do we release PO via public API / interface ?

            (We are currently working on R12)

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              Srini Chavali-Oracle
              Public APIs in R12 are listed under the "Integration Repository" responsibility