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    Oracle Drive on Vista?


      We do have some new Windows Vista machines on our network. Since switching back to XP is not an option, how can I connect to Oracle Drive, since it does not install on Vista?

      I know it's not supported yet, but I know too there are some workarounds, since even MACs connect to Content Services as an Oracle Drive share.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Carlos Inglez
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          Try to change compatibility for odrive.exe to xp service pack 2 and "run as administrator" if you have UAC (user access control) enabled.

          otherwise you can try third party apps like 'webdrive' its much better then odrive.


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            Thanks for the reply.

            Using compability mode did not help. I downloaded WebDrive, but I cannot make it connect.

            Do I use the full address (with content/webdav) on the URL box?

            Thanks again
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              sorry for late reply, i was out of town,

              yes you have to use full address http://yourhost.domain.com:7778/content/dav
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                I tried installing Oracle Drive on Vista Business on one and it works.

                The installation never did seem to finish, though. It stopped on what I believe is the last window, but after a restart Oracle Drive did work.

                You type in the whole URL in the Server URL field like
                https://server:port/files/content (this is OCS 9 rel 2, it might be different on 10g)

                However, I had to check the "Allow cleartext password to be sent" box. I do not need to do that using the same client on Windows XP, so I guess this is something that has to do with Vista. Anybody knows something about this, is Vista handling https/webdav authenticating differently? This would be a security risk if it is really sending passwords in cleartext. I tried to do a tcpdump at the server and see, but it was to much to look through in to short time.
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                  I've read on a roadmap (that's only a roadmap, not a truth from god), that 10gR3 should be vista-compatible)