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    Load Balancing only working on one server!

      Hi All,

      I have configured 3 servers as follows:

      Server 1 = WebCache only server (Windows 2003)
      Server 2 = 10g Forms and Reports server (Solaris)
      Server 3 = 10g Forms and Reports server (Solaris)

      Servers 2 and 3 work perfectly using the direct addresses on the following ports


      I have added the Origin servers, the site definitions, and the one site-to-server mapping which is as follows:

      --> server2.domain.com:7778/formsurl?config=WEBTEST
      --> server3.domain.com:7777/formsurl?config=WEBTEST

      When connecting using the WebCache server's URL I get a FRM-92101 error, cannot communicate... I am using the URL below to connect:

      --> server1.domain.com:7777/formsurl?config=WEBTEST

      However, if I remove one of either server2 or server3 from the site-to-server mapping (effectively meaning that WebCache is only 'load-balancing' on one server), the application loads up fine.

      It is only when enabling both servers that it fails?!?!

      Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be happening to cause this problem??

      Many thanks,