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    Certification Matrix shows 11g EE "projected" on Mac Intel also

      On the Oracle Certification Matrix (http://www.oracle.com/technology/support/metalink/index.html)
      Product "Database/Server"
      Database Product " Ent. Edition"
      Platform "Apple Mac Intel"

      you get:

      Certify - Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition Version 11gR1 On Apple MAC Intel
      Operating System: Apple MAC Intel Version -
      Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition Version 11gR1
      N/A Version N/A
      Status: Projected
      Product Version Note:
      None available for this product.
      Certification Note:

      What does it mean "STBA"?
      Most other platforms (AIX, Solaris, Linux, HP/UX) have
      "Status: Projected" also,
      but they have as "Certification Note" a 4th Quarter 2007 acronym:

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          I have read "10g projected for Mac OS X 10.4" more than a year ago and nothing happens.

          Sorry, i hope the Oracle will develop Oracle 11g for Mac OS X / Intel ... but we have to wait if it will be reality!
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            Still To Be Announced? Just a guess...
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              It's now mid-2010 and we are still waiting ...

              We use Pearson PowerSchool in our school district and just got this notice from them:

              We’ve been anticipating an update from Oracle, which would allow us to deploy Oracle 11g on the Mac. The Windows version from Oracle has been available for nearly 2 years; however, there is still no published delivery date from Oracle for a Mac version.

              Complicating matters, the current version of Oracle for the Mac is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard, which has been shipping since August 2009. New customers, and existing customers who want to upgrade their hardware, would find new Apple servers are incompatible with the current Oracle database. Oracle has not provided a date by which the current version of the Oracle Mac Database (10gR2) will be certified on Mac OS X 10.6.

              Oracle’s diminishing commitment to the Apple platform has left Pearson with limited options for customers using Mac servers. We do not have a commitment from Oracle for future versions of the database supporting the Mac, and current versions of the Oracle database are incompatible with new hardware running Mac OS X 10.6.

              Therefore, all Mac customers should make plans to replace their Mac database servers with a Windows-based database server (physical or virtual). Pearson will discontinue support for the Mac database server effective December 31, 2010.*

              Should Oracle issue a version of 11g with Mac compatibility, we will evaluate support options for this platform again.

              This is extremely bad news for us as we are a Macintosh district and don't have the resources to support Windows servers. Why is Oracle not supporting Mac OS X? Is there anyone we can complain to or is it just a hopeless cause?