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    Deleteing Old Purchasing Attachments

      Hello All,

      We currently have A LOT of old purchase order attachments in our purchasing system. These are all kinds of files (.xls, .doc, .jpg, .pdf, etc. etc.) attached to requisitions and purchase orders. They are taking up a lot of space in our database (we think.) I can't find any documentation about managing these attachments

      My questions are:
      - How are these files stored? I think think they are large chunkc of ORABLOB data (or somthing) in the database somewhere... is there a table where these are?
      - What is an effective way to delete old attachments?

      Another question: Everytime a buyer runs a 'Print PO' program, it generates a .pdf output file. I think all these .pdfs are saved with the PO... is this so? And, if so, is there an effective way to manage those? Can I delete those somehow?

      Any information or insight in hopw to effectively manage and maintain the Purchasing attamnets is much appreciated.

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          Hi Mark,

          1. Attachments. Check out:
          for some info on attachments.
          The tables that are hit by a given attachment is there.
          Plus potentially use fnd_documents_pkg.delete_row to remove your attachments.

          2. Standard functionality for Print PO does not store the .pdf with the PO, but .pdf is not standard functionality. The .pdf is usually stored in the filesystem $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT which can be purged using O/S methods, plus the Purge Concurrrent Requests to remove the database request information.

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            Thank Gareth.

            Using fnd_documents_pkg.delete_row seems a bit scary. Have you thought of posting an example on your blog on how the fnd_documents_pkg.delete_row might look? It would have to clean it out from fnd_lobs as well.

            Anyway...thank for your input.
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              Scary? Maybe ... that was what you asked for !
              Yes ... think I'll have to try the delete and update the blog. On my list of things todo amongst many more ;-)

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                Hi Gareth,

                Just an FYI, we found a package called fnd_attached_documents2_pkg that contains an API for deleting attachments. We're not really sure how it to use it yet, but we'll let you know if we figure it out.

                Meanwhile, any additional advice is much appreciated!