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    How to Change Time Zone in 10g

      hi everyone,

      For some reason, the time zone in Oracle got changed on 1 server recently. I managed to get scheduled Oracle jobs to run, etc by changing the Windows time zone to match the (incorrect) time zone in the database, but of course the time stamp on everything is wrong.

      Is there a simple way to modify the time zone?

      I found the following instructions in metalink but I'm new to Oracle and I dont even know the name of the agent.
      Is there an easier way to reset time zone?

      Thanks, John

      export TZ=Etc/GMT-6
      emctl resetTZ agent

      Log into the OMS repository as user sysman; the above command 'emctl resetTZ agent' tells you exactly what needs to be executed in the repository.

      exec mgmt_target.set_agent_tzrgn('<agent_name>', 'Etc/GMT-6');

      emctl start agent -- (or emctl start dbconsole)