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    SQLFetch + Oracle XE ODBC crash - WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE


      I'm getting a crash when I call SQLFetch after executing a query that selects at least one non-NULL column of type TIMESTAMP(0) WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE. Selecting from columns of type TIMESTAMP(0) or TIMESTAMP(0) WITH TIME ZONE there is no crash.

      The driver is the Oracle Express Edition ODBC driver, Oracle 10.2. This is on Windows XP.

      I have built a small console application to demonstrate the error and separate it from my application code (large multi-threaded app.)

      This code will cause a crash if the selected column has WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE in its type declaration:

      tErr = SQLExecDirect(tStmt, (SQLCHAR*)"SELECT COLUMNB FROM josh.TEST", SQL_NTS);
      if ((tErr == SQL_SUCCESS) || (tErr == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)) {



      The crash doesn't occur with any other query or other columns, and the result is successful.

      FYI the crash produces this Application Error dialog message:

      The instruction at 0x608b2d8f referenced memory at 0x8 Memory couldn't be written

      Any ideas? -- it looks like a bug in the ODBC driver to me.