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    getDatabaseFromPool Questions

      I have this code working under createObject(OracleInProcServer.XORASession). Now I want to step up and use createDatabasePool since the application is going to be on the web. In trying to solve these problems I have looked at the Oracle documentation online, examples with the install of 8i, back questions of this forum, and other listservers.

      Question #1 --
      I get the error message below marked with *. What did I do wrong to get this error? I can access the database from SQL using test/test@colorado and from createObject(..). I have restarted the browser.

      sub application_onstart
      oraSession.CreateDatabasePool 1,40,200,"colorado","test/test",0
      end sub

      in test.asp
      set oraDatabase = oraSession.GetDatabaseFromPool(10) * error here saying object required

      Question #2
      The example under oo4o\iis shows the code ** below. I want to call a package procedure with input and output (ref cursor) parameters as inserted rather than a simple select as shown under CONNPOOL. Can I use createDynaset under those conditions. This code *** below worked under createObject(). Can I use that with createDatabasePool?

      ** Set oraDynaset = oraDatabase.CreateDynaset("begin test_package.select_from_temp(:temp_id,:temp_cursor);end;",0)

      ***set oraSQLStmt=oraDatabase.CreateSQL("begin test_package.select_from_temp(:temp_id,:temp_cursor);end;",0)

      Question #3
      I am using the code **** below after each ASP statement. Is there a more elegant way that I can pass parameters to an ASP function using OnError, so the user knows what to do. I am saving the error to an err_log table from inside the package, but I need something for the user with more specific instructions.

      **** if oraDatabase.lastServerErr <> 0 then
      response.write "This is problem #6: " & lastServerErrText
      end if

      Question #4
      Is there other resources for documentation (examples and lists of commands and parameters with an index) other than those mentioned in paragraph #1?

      Thanks in advance for your time.