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    Oracle 11g on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

      Just thought I'd mention that I've written an article on installing 11g on the brand new 7.10 release of Ubuntu ("Gutsy Gibbon").

      Subtle use of a downloadable shell script means it's almost a point-and-click affair.

      Anyway: the article is here: http://www.dizwell.com/prod/node/1046
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          Thanks. But i must say, every time i do an installation, i prefer to read the docs from oracle :)
          Thanks again.
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            Well, that puts Werner in his place and Tim, too.

            Thanks for sharing.
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              not really, notes like this one are not found in oracle docs..


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                No indeed. And neither will you find notes in Oracle docs about installing with sudo. Nor will you find in the Oracle docs instructions on how to run the post-installation root scripts when root doesn't actually exist. Will you?
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                  you are right, again thank for the note.

                  just a fyi.
                  sudo su - 
                  sudo passwd root; su -
                  can handle root issues.
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                    sudo passwd root will certainly work... if you're prepared to negate the entire premise underlying Ubuntu! There are philosophical discussions to be had about whether su - root is more secure than sudo, but whatever the outcome of that particular debate: Ubuntu doesn't ship with a password-protected root account, it's philosophy is such that it doesn't require root, doesn't want you to create a password for root... and an awful lot of Ubuntu users won't want to do so (and why should they, since it's not necessary for an Oracle installation anyway).

                    sudo su - will also work, and that's fine... but, as I think you've agreed, you won't (and no-one else will either!) find that in the Oracle docs. So... my somewhat belaboured point is: the Oracle docs ain't the be-all and end-all in every situation.

                    Anyway, perhaps we could leave it there, because the point was merely to say, an installation article now exists.
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                      Hi Howard,

                      thanks for your time and effort.

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                        Many thanks for this.

                        I've recently followed your example for 10g on Ubuntu to complete a 10g install on 64-bit Kubuntu (7.10) (I'd ordinarily use openSUSE, but 10.3 refuses to go widescreen on my laptop). Whilst the install was ok and database creation is just fine, the relink came up with a couple of issues with CTX. Is there anything I might be missing on the apt-get side?

                        Have just downloaded 11g for 64-bit Linux - I'll give it a go with your 'how to...' tonight.

                        Once again, many thanks.
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                          I'll give it a go with your 'how to...' tonight

                          Please don't!

                          The article is carefully and deliberately a 32-bit article. It says so on the third sentence of section 2.0

                          Precisely because yes, there's a lot missing on the "apt-get side" of things.

                          The 64-bit document will be done soon. But in the meantime, either improvise, work your way through someone else's doco or wing it and experiment... but don't use a 32-bit piece of documentation in a 64-bit environment. It ain't gonna work if you do...
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                            My install's in flux as it is at the moment (new laptop, new install of a Linux distro - and deeply miffed that openSUSE 10.3's not cutting it), so it'll be a rebuild exercise, anyway - and this is def. not production...!

                            Any timescale as to when you might have a 64-bit doc? I'd be more than willing to test whatever you've got.

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                              Hopefully this weekend.

                              Unfortunately, my main PC has decided it is happy to work for quite long stretches when it is lying down horizontally, but it will crash and refuse to reboot if it is stood up in its rather more normal vertical position. So this weekend is indeed a hope rather than a firm schedule!
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                                That's brill - I'll keep a look out on the forum.

                                Like I say, I don't really go down the Ubuntu/Kubuntu route - openSUSE seems to be a great distro for running Oracle, just pop on the async IO lib and you're running. This time it's more to do with hardware (openSUSE 10.3 not working well with the IBM GM965 and NetworkManager being borked). All works out of the box with Kubuntu...
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                                  I have finished my 11g Install on Windows 32bit. Oracle® 11g Database Hints
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                                    Thanks for taking the time to post this guide.
                                    I've had a couple of attempts at this and I keep getting the same problem. I wonder if you can help me figure out if it's fixable: I'm using a clean install of Gutsy (32bit) with correct version of Oracle downloaded by following the link in your page. The script ran OK and I followed the instructions to the letter (at least I think I did!) and everything went fine through the net configuration assistant, up until the database configuration assistant. At that point, I seemed to lose all the text in the dialog box. ie, I could see the little black information window which continued to change messages but the rest of the dialog was grey with no writing. Time passed, tumbleweed blew by but nothing else happened.
                                    There were no clues in the terminal window apart from the message about using alien to install rpm files on debian but I see you got that as well, so that can't be the problem.
                                    Does that ring any bells?
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