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    java.io.IOException: No buffer space available

      Tangosol 3.0 clustering in WAS5.1

      I saw the error message in SystemErr.log, will it impact functionality of caching. what is the problem?

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      Tangosol Coherence 3.0/315 <D5> (thread=PacketPublisher, member=1): Attempt to refresh sockets: [UnicastUdpSocket{State=STATE_OPEN, address:port=}, MulticastUdpSocket{State=STATE_OPEN, address:port=, InterfaceAddress=, TimeToLive=2}, TcpSocketAccepter{State=STATE_OPEN, ServerSocket=}] caused by UnicastUdpSocket{State=STATE_OPEN, address:port=}; exception java.io.IOException: No buffer space available
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          The "Attempt to refresh sockets" message is a debug level (<D5>) informational message that is logged when a recoverable socket exception occurs. (You would not see this exception at all if the log level was set to the default value of three.) This kind of recoverable socket exception should not be of a big concern unless it happens often. If you do see the "No buffer space available" exception on a regular basis, it could indicate to a smaller than necessary OS level UDP buffers or too high a value for "traffic-jam/maximum-packets" element in Coherence operational configuration descriptor (e.g. tangosol-coherence-override.xml).

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            What you are seeing is one piece of our "soft restart" and "self healing" capabilities.

            After this occurs, does everything go back to working correctly? If not, it may be an error that is unrecoverable in an automatic fashion, and you should analyze your configuration (we are glad to help) to determine if the OS or network settings should be tuned or corrected.