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    dba check list

      hi all,

      when a dba starts to work with oracle db, what is the starting point?

      I mean, when a dba comes to work, from which point he has to look and start at the server. Is there any complete checklist which will describe that these are all the task that dba has to complete? like daily, weekly and monthly basis including checking trace files, backup, performance tuning, etc..

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          No such list exists. Different environments require different activities. This is one of those things where it might be said that if you have to ask the question you aren't qualified to do the job.

          Here though are my general rules.

          1. You'd better know what is in the alert log.
          2. You'd better know that the last backup of the system was successful and can be used to recover and restore.
          3. You'd better know the system is locked down.
          4. You'd better know that everything happening is meeting your SLA with your customers.
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            there are many it ranges like daily work

            tablespace monitoring
            alter log monitoring
            datafile monitoring
            daily backup

            full backup weekly
            tablespace house keeping
            shutdown/ restart

            Full backup monthly
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              An intersting view point about DBA checklist ;)


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                i was not able to see that link due to insufficient privs. Is there any specific documentation or checklist for data warehouse envrionment?

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                  What do you mean by No.3. What does it do?
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                    I think he is try to say that there are no "Lock" in DB.
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                      Go to oracle magazine ( http://www.oracle.com/oramag/index.html ) and do a site search for Project Lockdown . There is a good set or articles about how to do this in a phased approach. Review it with your management and more senior DBAs to develop a plan of what is appropriate for your organization.
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                        Here are some of the checks that I do each hour on my databases:


                        Don Burleson
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                          It refers to security, JR. Database, server, network, applications,etc.
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                            ABD - DBA
                            Good lord Don, did you have to paste one of your books in here.
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                              Hi Don,
                              Don't you think it's time to let EM Grid Control to take care all these alerts?
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                                Hi, i think that the EM Grid Control is excellent for monitoring the database environments, also you can have one centralize point for manage the databases.

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                                  I wouldn't call it excellent, it is far too fragile to be totally dependent on (as of, in my experience. It does have some nice tools though.

                                  It (actually, dbconsole agent) recently broke my production rman backups, if I hadn't had a cron script ready to go I would have been in a world of hurt. Production software should not just fall apart by itself!

                                  Getting support to acknowledge intermittent problems like this is hopeless, I don't bother, and I suspect few others bother. The ones that do bother get stonewalled unless they can figure out why themselves, in order to replicate the issue, so the fixes rarely happen. I would guess support gets a lot of calls like this from monkees (as some method-r person calls EM button pushers), but how often will that lead to a fix? Support people just tell them to read the docs and reconfigure. Sometimes that works. But it's wrong.