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    NLS_LANG and rwclient

      Hi, I'm creating some PDFS (reports 9.0.4) with this command line in Unix environment:

      $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rwclient.sh SERVER=$SERV REPORT=$PATH_REP/rep2.rep userid=$CONEC_USER destype=file desname=$PATH_PDFS/rep2.pdf desformat=pdf var1=$var

      Everything goes ok, but i have to change the NLS_LANG because the decimal and number separator are wrong. The problem is that this report server is common with other applications, and I cannot change the reports.sh with my desired NSL_LANG.

      So I'm trying to change the NLS_LANG to some reports, and let others with the default reports.sh.
      My first attempt was create a new rwclient.sh (rwclient_sp.sh) with this:
      . $ORACLE_HOME/bin/reports.sh
      exec $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rwclient "$@"

      but don't worked at all. the generated pdf still has the number format wrong.
      Any thougths?

      Other question, why i have to shut down and re-up report server if I change the nls-lang in reports.sh?
      Can i make 2 differents reports.sh (e.g. reports.sh and reports_sp.sh) with two differentes NSL_LANG?

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