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    Data Quality Process


      I'm very interested in data quality and I'd like to know where to begin and which Oracle tools help to support activities like data auditing, data profiling and data cleansing.

      I'm an OWB user but I don't like the way this tool performs data profiling, it creates a materialized view for every column on the table to be analyzed, so it takes many time performing that and then produces a lot of tables with the statistics gathered. I think there would be a better implementation for this.

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      Hazbleydi C.
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          I guess recently Informatica Data Quality(IDQ) is doing better job in Data Profiling, Data Cleansing and also creating dash board reports about Data Quality dimesions. If you see this years Gartner magic quadrant for Data Cleansing tools there are many players in this area. I can see Trillium and Data Flux are leading the market. I hope Oracle will soon top the chart or else aquire some one who is already in top :-)

          Raghavendra Ganiga

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            One problem is that the data quality and profiling functions built into the Oracle database cannot be used in a heterogeneous implementation like Fusion - and most of the good data quality vendors have already been acquired (FirstLogic, Vality, Similarity, Fuzzy Logistics). Informatica would be a multi-billion dollar acquisition which may be too expensive for an Oracle data integration stack. Oracle may rely on partnerships with Informatica, IBM and Trillium to provide a wide range of data quality and profiling functions.

            Gartner thinks everyone is looking up in the Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools, 2007
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              Thanks for the suggestion and analysis. We are always on the lookout for what's the best approach to build out capability on a functional areas like data quality.

              As for the original questions regarding profiling, cleansing etc, OWB itself is a good tool, what we need to do if to provide predefined profiling rules, processes so that we will only profile the most important columns, dependencies, relationships, integrities etc.and that's what we are doing right now. As for the more time analysis time reports/dashboard, we are working on utilizing OBIEE to generate such reports/dashboards.