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    Buyer takes no action


      we are having a problem with a specific Purchase Order that buyer cannot approve and forward to the next level in the hierarchy.
      When buyer press the button "forward" the buyer appears in the action history as taking no action and the document is still with him.

      What can be wrong ? How to fix it ?
      Please help...
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          check PO Document Approval Manager in concurrent manager


          Essam Essmat
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            You can try forwarding the approval notification to the supervisor of the person from the workflow.

            Take the work flow item_key from po_headers_all for a particular PO and go to the responsibility Workflow Administrator -> Find Process and enter the item key and click on find.

            In the Workflow diagram screen, check where it is stuck and try to expedite from that stage and in the attribute screen, add the person name,email for the attributes forward_to_id and forward_to_name and check if it gets forwarded?

            You can also try forwarding/assigning a OPEN approval notification to another person