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    Access_log is growing

      Hi All

      I am just observing that access_log file is growing like anything for every minute.

      I dont know exactly why it is growing.

      Could you please tell me how to stop it?.. Even could you please tell me the importance of this file?..

      It is growing by appending like

      [08/Nov/2007:16:35:08 -0800] "GET /_oracle_http_server_webcache_static_.html HTTP/1.1" 200 99 "80776851474,0"

      Please help me..

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          Looks like you are talking about the HTTP Server access_log file.

          This is a message from Web Cache that checks your HTTP Server if it is up and responding.
          You can configure the check frequency in the Web Cache config - but I would recommend not to make the check interval too long.

          So, you can ignore it, the log file should be rotated automatically (or as you configure it), and when investigating the file, do a grep on the file that excludes the line.